CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror
CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror

CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror

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Product Description

The CRG Arrow Bar End Mirror is the ideal application for modern, performance sports bikes and naked road bikes. Aerodynamic styling in billet aluminium construction gives a superior, unobstructed view of the road behind. In keeping with the exceptional quality of all CRG products, the Arrow Bar End Mirror is an eloquent and minimalist design.

- Unique Multi-Position Mounting System
- Variable height/width positioning
- Detent hinge allows for added clearance in tight conditions and reduced width for bike storage
- Aerodynamic Design
- 6061-T6 Aluminium CNC Machined Billet Construction
- Automotive Quality Convex Mirror Glass
- Anodized Aluminium
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Made In The USA
- Designed to clamp directly on to a 22mm standard diameter motorcycle handlebar.

If you want a pair you will need to select a quantity of 2.

All the pieces are manufactured utilizing CNC (computer numerically controlled) machining processes. All parts are cut from solid 6061-T6 aluminium billets.

Making parts in this fashion is not the cheapest way to build a part, but it is the way to produce a part with a high degree of precision, and finish. For this reason, CNC machining is the process chosen by builders in all forms of racing.

- Optional Billet internal Bar End Mirror Adapter Kit will allow internal mounting on virtually any handlebar/clip-on

The particular set-up on your bike, and your personal preferences will impact which mounting makes sense for your application. Whenever possible, we recommend mounting the Arrow Bar End Mirror with the basic mount, which clamps to the outer diameter of a 7/8" handlebar / clip-on.

Use of the basic clamp mount requires having approximately 3/8" or 10mm (clamp is .415" thick) of bare bar outboard of the grip / throttle assembly. If your grips are mounted near the end of the bar, move your grips and controls inboard (away form the end of the bar).

Bar End Mirrors traditionally mount into the end bore of hollow handle bars. The Internal Bar End Adapter assembly allows for mounting the Hindsight Mirror in this traditional fashion.

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