CRG 2" Blindsight Mirror

CRG 2" Blindsight Mirror

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The Blindsight Bar End Mirror is intended to be used in conjunction with a right side mounted Hindsight or stock mirrors. This little assembly will clean up any blind spots in your rear and side view. We use custom convex glass formed to our own specification to give you the perfect balance between field of vision and image magnification. To reduce glare, the glass has an automotive quality mirror tinting. Rubber mounting helps the glass resist vibration.

- 6061-T6 Aluminium CNC Machined Billet Construction
- Black Anodized
- All stainless hardware.
- Fully modular assembly; all parts are replaceable.
- Will fit most handlebar/clip-ons with an outer diameter of a 7/8” (requires10mm (3/8”) of bare bar out board of the grip/throttle assembly)
- Optional Billet internal Bar End Mirror Adapter Kit will allow internal mounting on virtually any handlebar/clip-on

The particular set-up on your bike, and your personal preferences will impact which mounting makes sense for your application. Whenever possible, we recommend mounting the Hindsight Bar End Mirror with the basic mount, which clamps to the outer diameter of a 7/8" handlebar / clip-on.

Use of the basic clamp mount requires having approximately 3/8" or 10mm (clamp is .415" thick) of bare bar outboard of the grip / throttle assembly. If your grips are mounted near the end of the bar, move your grips and controls inboard (away form the end of the bar).

Bar End Mirrors traditionally mount into the end bore of hollow handle bars. The Internal Bar End Adapter assembly allows for mounting the Hindsight Mirror in this traditional fashion.

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